Step 1:

Create your TransferWise account. You might have to connect your bank account details & they might ask for identification which you can send via E-mail or through the application process. Don't worry! This is all legit & is just a much less hassle-free way to send international payments to avoid pesky exchange rates & transfer fees.

Step 2:

Once your account has been made & verified. You can send money by clicking the "Send money" button on the top right hand corner. Once you have clicked this button, click on single payment.

Step 3:

Next it will ask you how much you are sending. Make sure the Recipient box is under GBP (£) and you can type in the invoiced amount directly into this box. It will automatically calculate the amount in your own currency to send. Click Continue. (Photo for example)

Step 4:

Click on "Business or Charity"

Step 5:

Enter in the details as follows:

Step 6:

Enter in these bank account details:

Sort Code: 04-00-04

Account Number: 19276631