Here are the best locations for your elopement in Northern Ireland!

Dunluce Castle

Probably one of the most popular locations for elopements in Northern Ireland, is Dunluce Castle. Nestled right on the cliffs facing the Atlantic Ocean. The ancient ruins have been used in the famous TV show, Game of Thrones as inspiration for the Iron Islands. You can elope on a nearby field owned privately by a farmer for £200. I can get in touch with him to book your date if requested!

Bride and Groom eloping at Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland at sunset

Dunseverick Castle

Another ancient castle situated on the North Coast of Ireland! This hidden gem serves as the perfect backdrop to your Irish elopement. This location has it all from a secluded rocky beach, a cliff top & rolling green hills.

There is a small carpark and picnic area before taking a 5 minute walk down to the location pictured below. Some of the walk is steep and during rainier months can be quite slippy - so make sure to back a good pair of boots! Heels and sandals are a definite no-go!

Elopement at Dunseverick Castle on Northern Ireland's Causeway Coast

Ballintoy Harbour

Another under-rated spot on the North Coast is Ballintoy Harbour. This long stretch of rocky beach is accompanied by rolling hills, cliffs and amazing arch-shaped stone structures, a natural wedding arch for your elopement if you will. There are giant rock structures in the sea giving it this incredible other-worldly feeling. This location is definitely an all-in-one offering so much versatility & perfect photo opportunities!

Elopement at Ballintoy Harbour on Northern Ireland's Causeway Coast

Kinbane Castle

Another hidden gem on the North Coast! A scenic walk down 140 steps to reach this incredible shoreline. The castle sits right on a cliff with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. There is a small waterfall adding to the entire majestic feel of this spot here in Northern Ireland! Perfect for your elopement! There is a lot of open space to set up a rustic wedding arch to say your vows under too. I know some fabulous vendors who will create something special for you!

Kinbane Castle landscape photography at sunset

The Giant's Causeway

The most famous landmark in Northern Ireland, and for good reason! The gorgeous hexagonal rock formations are one of Earth's greatest pieces of art. I grew up reading the tales of Finn McCool, the giant who fell in love with a lady giant in Scotland and built the causeway to get across the Ocean to bring her home. (Cute, right?)

If you choose to elope at the Giant's Causeway, I highly recommend you consider a sunrise elopement or a sunset elopement in off-peak seasons! This location is usually packed with tourists during the summer months!

It is super close to a nearby seaside town called Portrush, full of great restaurants & local pubs for your Guinness needs! Portrush is also home to the famous Royal Portrush Golf Course, where The Open was hosted in 2019.

The Giant's Causeway Northern Ireland

Murlough Nature Reserve / Murlough Beach

Another super under-rated spot is Murlough Nature Reserve & beach!

This incredible location offers beautiful golden fields & an incredibly large beach with a backdrop of the Mourne Mountains. If the fog lays low enough on the mountains you might mistake this beach for something out of The Lord of The Rings (it's awesome), but on a sunny, clear day the views of the mountains are incredible! Sunsets here are beautiful too, so definitely consider having your elopement later in the day for that beautiful golden hour!

Engagement session in Northern Ireland's Causeway Coast

The Mourne Mountains

  • These Mountains are one of my favourite places to visit in Northern Ireland! The panoramic views is next to none and being situated only 1 hour and 30 minutes North from Dublin Airport, its a no brainer if you love the mountains and hiking!
Mourne Mountains Northern Ireland Elopement

Whiterocks Beach

One of Northern Ireland's most famous beaches, named after the beautiful white rock sculptures, including an incredible arch structure on the east side of the beach. A rustic wedding arch with florals would look incredible here at go

Mussenden Temple & Downhill Strand

This stunning temple is perched on a 120ft cliff right by the Atlantic Sea. You can book this venue to have your ceremony inside the temple starting at £3000 which includes chairs, staff, power etc. However a photography only package is £250. Alternatively, you can elope on the beach below which has a fantastic view of the temple above.

The Dark Hedges

One of my favourite locations is the Dark Hedges. The famous road has stunning over-arching trees that are at least 300 years old gives the perfect backdrop for your elopement. This location is about 15 minutes from the North Coast, so I highly recommend you at least make a pit stop to get some epic photos underneath the majestic Tim Burton-esque trees.

This location is best at sunrise as there are usually a lot of tour buses that stop off here all day especially during the summer months!

Image: BBC

Which location do you want to elope at?