If there's one thing Ireland has an abundance of, it's ancient castles & ruins, steeped in history! They make for the perfect backdrop to your Irish Elopement. Read on to find out the top 5 most breathtaking castles you can elope to!

Dunluce Castle

Elopement at Dunluce Castle Northern Ireland

Dunluce castle is probably the most popular castle ruin, and there's no wonder why! This castle is nestled right on the North Coast cliffs, overlooking the Irish Sea.

Dunluce Castle makes a perfect backdrop for eloping, and it's in a super convenient area, too! There are surrounding towns perfect for staying in the area with local restaurants & pubs to celebrate your marriage!

Dunseverick Castle

A mere 25 minutes from Dunluce Castle, you'll find Dunseverick Castle. This location is stunning. The best part about these locations is the fact they are easily accessible. There is a free car-park and a lay-by right next to Dunseverick Castle, so hardly any walking is required to reach this spot, making it ideal for elopements!

Menlo Castle

Menlo Castle, in Galway, is a ruin taken over by nature. Green ivy envelops this gorgeous 16th Century Castle, making it one of the most breathtaking castle ruins in Ireland. Menlo Castle is a great spot for elopement ceremonies, or for photographs, as it's a hidden gem that requires taking a narrow lane to get to by car. You can park near the castle & all it takes is climbing over a small metal gate to get to.

It sits next to the River Corrib, which offers really beautiful scenery around the Castle.

Kinbane Castle

Elopement at Kinbane Castle Northern Ireland

Another beauty on the North Coast, is Kinbane Castle. This location is incredibly under-rated! The castle ruin itself is rather small, but the surrounding scenery makes up for it. It is surrounded by rugged cliffs, a waterfall, rocky beaches & otherworldly rock formations.

There is a free carpark at the top of the cliff, where you will begin walking down a 140-step stairway down to the lower part of the cliffs. (The steps are far easier going down than coming back up!)

Again, this location offers plenty of surrounding accommodations, restaurants & local pubs to celebrate!

(Kinbane Castle is currently closed to the public for restoration of the site)

Glenveagh Castle & Dunlewey Church

Donegal Elopement at Glenveagh National Park

Situated in Glenveagh National Park, Donegal, this castle is surrounded by miles of outstanding natural beauty. The National Park is perfect for photos & for finding an intimate spot for your ceremony.

Dunlewey Church is an abandoned church perched right underneath Mount Errigal. It offers stunning 360° views of the national park & the gorgeous Errigal.

There are towns nearby the park for accommodation, food & drinks!

Ireland has HUNDREDS of castles, castle ruins & historical sites, but these are my absolute favourites for elopements!

If you are planning to elope to Ireland, drop me an email for more info!

Meanwhile, you can check out some other resources to help you on your way to planning your elopement here on the Emerald Isle!

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