Have you ever wondered if rain would ruin your elopement plans?

For Kristin & Chris, they wholeheartedly embraced the storm that was approaching during their elopement day on the iconic Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. They started their day a couple of hours before the sun rise and got ready together in their Airbnb. When I arrived at 6am I was met with the warmest smiles and upmost excitement for the day ahead. Kristin had kept her dress a secret so she could have that first look moment with Chris before we left. Chris helped zip her into her dress and we headed out to the Giants Causeway to meet their celebrant.

When we got to the Giants Causeway, unsurprisingly we were the only people there at 7am. We walked down and quickly realised that the weather wasn't getting much better! But it didn't dampen anyone's spirits! We were so excited and ready for this day and nothing was going to stop us!

They had the most moving ceremony, performed by the one and only Karen The Celebrant. The scene felt like something you'd only see in movies. The waves crashing against the rocks behind them and the downpour of rain only heightened the romance and emotion. Kristin & Chris stood there in their own world, undaunted by the wind & heavy rain, and laughed the whole way through the ceremony.

Once we wrapped up the ceremony, we thankfully were able to catch a shuttle bus back to the car park, where Kristin had yet another surprise for Chris, a VW Campervan to drive around for the day! We took the campervan to Dunseverick Castle where they explored before warming up again inside the van with a picnic and champagne! Afterwards we hit up a local cafe on the way to our next location to grab some hot coffee. As soon as we reached Ballintoy Harbour, the sun came out and we were gifted a rainbow, (as if the day could get any better).

Our last spot before we headed back to the Airbnb was the Dark Hedges. Here we popped some champagne & this is where we noticed the beautiful Irish ombre happening on Kristin's dress! It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but here at Caragh Isla Photography WE LOVE IT.

Back at the Airbnb, Kristin & Chris cut their wedding cake before hanging their elopement attire up and changing into their swimwear to wind down in the hot tub. Their plans were to spend the rest of the day hanging out and ordering takeout, which if you ask me, was the perfect way to end the best day ever.

Check out their reaction to their photos at the bottom of this page!

Check out their live reaction to their photos:

What Kristin & Chris had to say about their elopement experience

We fell in love with Caragh the moment we came across her website! Her excitement from the very first email to 6 in the morning for photos at the AirBnb alleviated any stress that popped up!

Every vendor we booked was a referral from Caragh, which truly made for the perfect day. We felt like we were truly among friends! Her beautiful approach to her craft is just the icing on the cake when you book with Caragh!

Kristin & Chris

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